24 years industry experience

Is … a qualitative expert with solid quantitative backing, delivering the benefit of both skillsets. She has worked in the Perth market for 20 years and understands the brands in the market and the psyche of the WA consumer.

Has experience in … FMCG, energy and utilities, land and property development, aged care, travel and tourism, sport and recreation, automotive, local government, FMCG, financial services and insurance, public sector, telecommunications.

Classifies herself as … energetic, bold and innovative.

Phone: +61 412 601 797

23 years industry experience

Is … a brand and communications expert,  with broad experience in quantitative and qualitative approaches.  He has been based in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and London in both client and agency roles.

Has experience in … energy and utilities, financial services and insurance, telecommunications, travel and tourism, FMCG, public sector, policy development, manufacturing, property development.

Classifies himself as … direct and provocative, but well-balanced and reliable.

Phone: +61 402 958 615

14 years industry experience

Is … a quantitative expert with copious qualitative experience. He has worked across all markets in Australia and has  extensive experience across Asia.

Has experience in … sport and recreation, energy and utilities, financial services and insurance, telecommunications, travel and tourism, FMCG, media.

Classifies himself as … curious, dynamic and thorough.

Phone: +61 415 819 074

19 years industry experience

Is … an expert commercial director with experience across quantitative and qualitative research. She has been based in Australia and the UK.

Has experience in … construction, FMCG, liquor, insurance and financial services, telecommunications.

Classifies herself as … an enthusiastic, curious collaborator

Phone: +61 475 841 646

11 years industry experience

Is … a research consultant with a strong qualitative and quantitative background. Her research experience covers both agency and client-side, giving her a unique ability to provide evidence-based outcomes and excellent service.

Has experience in … property development, energy and utilities, aged care, sport and recreation, the arts,   automotive, FMCG, financial services, road safety, and public sector.

Classifies herself as … creative, analytical, and empathetic.

Phone: +61 403 002 578

7 years industry experience

Is … a committed research professional. Her previous roles based in Singapore and Malaysia has provided her with extensive experience with large international brands. This has shaped her to be client-centric as well as having a sound understanding of the global market place.

Has experience in …  technology, telecommunications, FMCG, public sector

Classifies herself as … detail-oriented, data-driven, factual.

Phone: +61 426 829 676

30 years industry experience

Is … a research and strategic marketing consultant with strong expertise in quantitative and qualitative research as well as consumer behaviour. With 30 years research and marketing experience in the UK and Australia working across a variety of brands, Tracy will ensure your research dollars are optimised.

Has experience in … FMCG including beer, ice-cream, cosmetics, utilities, insurance, member services, lotteries, superannuation and higher education as well as aged care and disability services.

Classifies herself as …The ultimate consumer and mystery shopper, passionate about research and getting the best outcome for the client.

Phone: +61 409 635 067